What Leaders Need in 2021

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It’s been a long year, and thankful we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. A vaccine. And so now we can start to think about 2021 in a more positive light.

The research has shown that since the Covid-19 pandemic began, clients have been asking most frequently about specific topics. They are focused on the following:

63% – General leadership development and coaching
58% – Leading virtual team
42% – Managing Change
Why are they asking for these topics? Because they are looking towards the future. Leaders and other middle management professionals recognize that they need to guide their people into the future with a vision. And vision is essential during periods of change because having an idea does the following:

It helps people understand an organization’s directional needs. Can they stay the course or do they need to be recalibrated given the current events?
It is grounding. Leaders can analyze the changes they are having and surmise what kind of impact it will have.
It allows for change and helps alleviate anxieties that come with these changes.
It helps people to see what pathway the leader is taking and allows others to take advantage of new opportunities that may come about.
Are your leaders ready for 2021? Is there a vision in place? Don’t miss out and jump in the boat with no paddles. Achievement in Motion can help you. Contact us for more information.

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