Making the Right Hire

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According to NYT, the data was collected in mid-February, before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which roiled global financial markets and caused a sharp increase in energy prices. The global repercussions of the war are hard to predict; analysts say if you want to hire the right people, get objective information on them. Making the wrong hire will cost you…forever.

Knowing your team’s needs is critical for finding the right people to fill those voids.  Not only from a skill set perspective but also from a personality perspective.  Knowing your corporate culture is equally important.  Different personalities and skillsets can work well to complement and bond teams together, or they can tear them apart.  

People grow and change, but past behavior is the best indicator for future behavior.  And an objective pre-hire assessment which shows you the person’s behaviors, values and intellectual capacity is not only important to have, but critical these days in order to not to make another bad hire.  




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