The Great Gloom

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From the phenomenon of The Great Resignation to the subtleties of Quiet Quitting, it seemed as though every conceivable workplace dynamic had been explored. Yet, the ever-changing landscape of employment continues to unveil new challenges, leaving both employees and companies navigating a tumultuous sea of transitions. Enter The Great Gloom, the latest term to capture the essence of a workforce grappling with heightened disconnection, a sense of indifference, and a diminished sense of belonging to their roles and organizations. This trend signifies an alarming escalation in employee detachment, surpassing even the levels observed during the pandemic.

The quality and frequency of organizational communication play a pivotal role in influencing team engagement, morale, and overall productivity. In these times, mastering the art of communication is beneficial and critical to averting the underlying issues that contribute to The Great Gloom and threaten organizational stability.

What are you doing to navigate these transitions and help your managers and employees master the art of communication?

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