The Future of Jobs Report 2023

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The “Future of Jobs Report 2023” by Gallup this year provides a detailed analysis of the global labor market, emphasizing the impacts of economic, health, and geopolitical trends. These key findings will continue to influence our lives and world. Paying attention as to how you navigate through these changes will be the key to your survival.

  1. Divergent Labor Markets: High-income countries face tight labor markets, while low- and lower-middle-income countries struggle with high unemployment.
  2. Individual Disparities: Employment levels are lower for individuals with basic education and women. Real wages are declining amidst a cost-of-living crisis, and concerns over work quality are rising globally.
  3. Technology as a Driving Force: Over 85% of organizations expect technology adoption to drive business transformation in the next five years, with (Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards also playing a significant role.
  4. Job Creation and Destruction: Environmental, technological, and economic factors are crucial in job dynamics. Green investments, broader ESG applications, and localized supply chains are expected to generate new jobs.
  5. Technology Adoption and Job Impact: Big data, cloud computing, and AI are likely to be adopted and positively impact job growth. However, digital platforms, e-commerce, and AI may disrupt labor markets, causing job displacement, balanced by growth in other areas.
  6. Human-Machine Collaboration: Only 34% of business tasks are performed by machines, indicating slower automation than expected. This shift emphasizes the importance of human skills like reasoning, communication, and coordination.


The report highlights the critical need for agility, adaptability, and resilience in this rapidly changing environment. The ability to swiftly adjust to changing circumstances, embrace new technologies, and resiliently navigate changes in the workforce is essential for both individuals and organizations. And these qualities will determine if you will succeed in a world where constant change is the norm.

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