Ensure optimal performance

  • Fine-tune your hiring process
  • Focus on career mapping
  • Customize training and facilitation
  • Promote a positive workplace culture and benchmark it for future leaders
  • Increase employee engagement through feedback and discussion
  • Set yourself apart from the competition


Employees are a company’s most valuable resource. One of the most difficult tasks when when leading an organization is finding the right people for the open positions now and developing them for the future needs of the organization. If it isn’t a skill issue, then maybe it’s a personality issue, maybe a combination of both. No matter what the issue is, the bottom line is you don’t have time for it.

Common Mistakes

  • “Going with your gut”
  • Subjective interviews
  • Lack of an interview plan

Consequences to Hiring Mistakes

  • Wasting time and money spent on recruiting and interviewing
  • Wasting time and money spent on training and retraining
  • Taking people away from daily responsibilities
  • Terminations that hurt employee morale
  • Paying overtime to employees while finding new employees
  • Hiring just anyone to have a “warm” body

Customized Solutions:

We provide clients objective information about their candidates which fills the gap between the resume and interview process making it a successful interview process and providing better results of success for the chosen candidate. Our tools also provide a clear picture to enhance all potential and current employee performance and maximize their contribution making it easier to match them with the right positions throughout their entire career.


For an organization to scale greater heights, it is vital to optimize strengths of employees by nurturing their true potential. Employees who are developed perform his/her job better and even build greater confidence. The investment in employee development creates a culture where they feel empowered and engaged. Confident employees understand their jobs, meaning, the product or service they represent translates into greater customer confidence which increases sales, referrals and the bottom line.

The Benefits of Training

  • Quicker completion on projects
  • Increased efficiency overall
  • Decreased distraction of difficult employees
  • Optimization of existing staff
  • Better responsiveness to customers, team members, clients, direct reports and changes within the industry
  • Increased revenue and employee engagement

Customized Solutions:

Our personalized approach is tailored to meet your organization’s needs for a highly skilled and efficient workforce. Whether it is team training, individualized or group coaching, we work together to figure out what will help. AIM is an authorized partner and certified in using and training others (train-the-trainers) in the following tools:


There are 73% of people in the work force who are either disengaged or actively disengaged. And 80% of employees don’t trust their manager. This lack of employee engagement costs companies over 350 Billion Dollars a year in lost productivity and profits. AIM’S performance-oriented, employee centric solutions assist in achieving the best results in succession planning, individual self discovery, and team-building.

How Do We Get Higher Employee Engagement in the Workforce?

  • Better hiring
  • Develop peoples’ strengths
  • Ask others for feedback
  • Have clear goals and direction

Customized Solutions:

Achievement in Motion looks past the symptoms and gets to the root of the lack of engagement by working together in finding a solution for long-lasting results.


Measuring anything that you do is imperative in order to make sure that your investment (time, money and efforts) is getting used in the workplace. If you don’t measure the behavioral changes which affect your profit, than you shouldn’t be doing anything at all.

Common Mistakes

  • Having one day trainings that don’t “stick”
  • Lack of connection between concept and application
  • Lack of follow up and integration on daily basis
  • Not measuring the behaviors that are to be implemented into everyday work

Consequences to Hiring Mistakes

  • Without an investment into the training of your employees, disengagement and poor attitudes can fester
  • A waste of time and money
  • A wasted day of work where employees didn’t have to be out of the office

Customized Solutions:

Achievement in Motion measures any program both quickly and easily. Our customized evaluations and progress mapping helps to know what necessary changes are needed without losing much time.