Now is the Time!

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Okay, so we have experienced the first of hopefully not many more disruptions in our lives. No matter what happens now or in the future, we must know that now is the time to take note and to prepare yourself and your organization.

Covid-19 has dramatically affected the workforce. People have been “volun-told” that they are working from home. There is no choice. Organizations have had to pivot. Employees have had to be agile as they moved to working remotely and expected to deliver the same products and services. There are fewer hands on deck and more stress on the nerves. Managers have had to figure out how to adapt to their employees’ changing schedules whether it be to accommodate childcare needs, covid issues, health concerns, in-home schooling or whatever else came up. This is not what we signed up for.

Whatever and however long it is and no matter what happens or changes in the near future, leaders need to continually prioritize their people. They are expected to build systems that engage and support their teams and inspire high performance. Equipping the workforce with how they can bring their best to the team is critical. Knowing how to communicate and build relationships virtually is also important. Don’t react. Resolve concerns, build strong teams and support peak agility and resilience.

This is what we are faced with now and so now is the time to get prepared and move ahead.

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