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The other morning was so interesting. One of my Pilates clients started talking about the disconnect of her 6 person team. She was concerned. They had lost their momentum. They were disengaged. Their personal worries and hardships had seeped into their work. There was no connection like before.

We started talking and she shared some of the ways that she helped her team as they dealt with loss of what they use to know.

Tips Implemented to get her team going again.

With everyone being virtual, she had bi-weekly gatherings in her backyard for social connection with two other members and herself.
The discussions was personal.
They talked about who they are and what they were dealing with.
Her goal was to build trust.
She knew she had to do something before this became any worse. She also shared that her MBA program didn’t teach her how to deal with these types of situations, but realized that everyone is watching her. “I am not smarter than the people on my team. I feel more pressure. Never in all of my years have I ever faced this. But now is the time to step up and support my people not only now but for the future. And I can build that now.”

As she talked about this and shared her outcomes (more trust, more engagement, more connection), I commended her on her results and thought this is what everyone needs to do now. I am a huge supporter of constantly building trust. Not only now but always. Trust is the foundation of teams. If you can build trust, then everything else will come. It’s important to be vulnerable and exceedingly human. This is not business as usual.

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