Need Trust Now

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We are living in a very fast-moving world with changes happening all of the time. Working effectively on a team is a critical skill that all employees will need. And in order to work effectively on a team, having trust will need to be the foundation.

Covid-19 showed everyone that being able to collaborate together whether in the same time zone or across the world is a skill set that is critical in business today. And being able to collaborate on projects, complete assignments and be competitive in the world, one will first need to be able to trust others. Trust is something that needs building. It doesn’t just happen one day. Being able to share experiences both personal and professional is what allows for trust to grow. And trust can be built remotely as well.

Making sure that there are open lines of communication for members is important. And making sure that time is spent to discuss and share ideas helps to create stronger trust. Being open to feedback and providing constructive criticism as well as support allows for members to feel that they matter and that you “have their back.” Showing genuine interest in the overall well-being of team members, their satisfaction with the work and helping them to achieve their goals is so important. Be open and flexible and realistic too. Building this foundation of trust in the beginning will make all of the difference as you grow together and soar to new heights…after the pandemic.

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