Managing Difficult Work Situations

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How can you effectively manage difficult situations and people at work?  When I work with clients, I teach them about the principles of Everything DISC. Understanding peoples’ behavioral styles provides a great guide into how you might want to approach others to make it a most effective interaction.

I love talking about DISC concepts and the applicability of utilizing them in everyday life. Having this knowledge is power. The first step is to have self-awareness. Understanding yourself allows you to understand others, and with this knowledge, you can have more effective relationships:

I use these concepts to help me navigate my world in a way that keeps me in control of my emotions and recognizes when I need to move forward or pull back. There are four DISC styles.

Below are some tips on how to manage a difficult situation with each of these styles.

Managing a Difficult Situation with a D style

  • Focus on being diplomatic but direct.
  • Avoid feeling intimidated by the D Styles assertiveness
  • Speak up and stick to the point.


Managing a Difficult Situation with an I style

  • Acknowledge the importance of maintaining relationships
  • Listen to concerns and let them talk through their logic.
  • Avoid giving in to demands or withdrawing from the dispute too quickly.


Managing a Difficult Situation with an S style

  • Take a straightforward approach and show a desire to work through the situation thoroughly.
  • Outline specific and essential steps required to address a solution.
  • Check back to be sure the conflict has been fully resolved.


Managing a Difficult Situation with a C style

  • Support your opinion with facts and logic.
  • Give them time to talk through their side.
  • Address the situation directly rather than letting it simmer.

Try using this information and see what kind of results you can achieve!

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