If Communication is the Key, Why Not Make it Fun From Home?

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Want your employees to gain access about themselves, communicate more effectively, build better relationships with others, have less conflict, more engagement? Then learn about Everything DiSC Workplace Catalyst.

This virtual program, along with an amazing learning platform, will help your employees to understand and know: 1) Their DiSC® Style, 2) How They Work, 3) Understand Their Relationships, 4) Build Better Relationships, and 5) Personalize their Style and Personality.

The Workplace on Catalyst consists is not only an online personalized assessment, but it is also an on-demand learning platform for employees to build their communication and relationship skills. They learn more about themselves so they can be better employees and team players.

There is also a virtual facilitation piece that includes 5 modules which are designed to be self-contained, such that they can be conducted alone or in any order. You can use them for one hour or 4 hours. And they can used over and over. The facilitator program, script and handouts include optional “catch-up” content at the beginning and an ending that provides closure for learners.

The best part is that you can help your employees become better leaders for tomorrow all from their home. You can conduct your learning and development in the comfort of your employees’ home. They can also jump on the platform for real time tips of how to work with others right before meetings or interactions.

Don’t waste your money! And don’t just do a one-day training. Have your learners Return to Learn every day and let Everything DiSC help change your culture for the better!

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