Change is the one thing that people fear the most. It takes us out of our comfort zone. It makes us have to think harder. Are we ready to jump? Are we ready to take that step? We tell others to jump first. We encourage others to make change. Divorce your spouse, take that job in a new city. But when it comes to ourselves, it’s so much harder.

Ultimately it’s about determining our own path.  And we are learning that we must change to survive. Look at this pandemic. Businesses have had to re-invent themselves. Clothing companies (I.e Old Navy) who sells clothing is now selling masks made out of their fabrics. Or restaurants that had indoor dining had to pivot to provide takeout for their customers and so many more examples are happening each day. Businesses are figuring out how they need to change to survive.

No one provided these businesses with a chart of their course. There was no path to follow. No one was able to pilot this project. Instead it happened spontaneously and with innovation and creativity. And as this was done, these businesses took risks. They went first. The journey they are on now probably looks different from the journey they were on even 6 months ago and where they will be 6 months from now. They determined how they were going to react to their external circumstances and moved forward.

What will you do to respond to your environment? How will you adapt, be agile, make change?  Take that first step.