Build You Brand: Are Your People Getting Along?

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You are in this business to produce products and services and, ultimately, income and profits. But, the more you grow, the more people you will have. And will they all have the same behaviors, work styles, values and ways they think? Probably not.

And add into the mix, post-Covid where people are scared, not knowing what the future may bring. They are stressed as they balance their world between all of their responsibilities. Some may be going through the motions; others are trying to stay focused. All of this is difficult.

And now add in the video conference connections and lack of social face-to-face connection. How do we connect and work well with each other when we are frustrated, stressed and completely burned out? Probably not so well.

Post-Covid is a critical time to build connections. According to Patrick Lencioni, we need to build and fortify skills that transcend teams. We need to teach individuals to become better teammates and completely redefine teamwork and collaboration.

Achievement in Motion uses Lencioni’s and Wiley Publishing newest product called Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team: Personal Development. It is designed specifically to work for individuals; for them to learn exactly what they need to do to enable a culture of teamwork. The program allows for them to learn a common language that empowers people to rewrite what it means to work together.

Making sure your team has a foundational language to communicate effectively one-on-one, cross-functionally on teams and at different levels of the organization is important. It’s the only way to build ongoing relationships with others.

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