Hiring the Wrong Person

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Hiring The Wrong Person

Hiring the wrong person can make or break your organization, and if you do this incorrectly…everyone will suffer. Get it right from the start and make the process engaging and fun.  

So, how can you make the hiring process engaging and fun? Here are a few tips: 

Create a positive candidate experience: Make sure your candidates feel welcomed and valued throughout the hiring process. Provide clear communication and feedback and give them a sense of what it’s like to work for your company. 

Incorporate team members in the hiring process: Involve current employees in the hiring process to make it more engaging and collaborative. This can also help you get a better sense of how the candidate will fit in with the team.

Use interactive assessments and exercises: Instead of just relying on interviews, use interactive assessments and exercises to evaluate candidates’ skills and personality traits. This can make the process more engaging and provide a more accurate assessment of the candidate.

Celebrate new hires: Once you’ve found the right person, celebrate! Announce the new hire to the team and welcome them with open arms. This can help create a positive company culture and make the new employee feel valued from day one.

Did You Hire the Right Person?  If you did, then you are experiencing:  

Great productivity: Your people are motivated, engaged, and productive, and you have increased revenue and profitability. Your team is passionate about what they do, and they work harder and produce better results. 

A positive company culture: You have a positive company culture with employees who are enthusiastic about their work and are a good fit for your organization, they contribute to a positive and collaborative work environment. 

A savings on time and money: If you hired the wrong people, you are struggling and are having high turnover rates, which means you have spent more time and money recruiting and training new employees.  

Starting off on the right foot begins with the right steps in the hiring process. If you get it right, you will not only save time and money, but you will also create an environment where people want to work and produce. 

 Achievement in Motion helps clients hire the right people the first time! We love what we do and want you to benefit! 

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