What Are You Looking For in 2022?

What are you looking to achieve this year for yourself? Do you have any personal goals that are important to you and that you want to look forward to achieving? And what about your work? Your business? What do these goals look like? Are you a leader? Do you want to be? Do you want […]

What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be?

Leadership is simply interaction where influence occurs.  This interaction can define the type of influence you have or don’t have on someone…but truly it all depends on you. Leaders are not just in companies or political or any other way you may think of a leader. Instead people are leaders in a variety of other […]

Utilizing DiSC to Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

DISC is about self-awareness and the ability to build more effective relationships. It is about understanding your own preferred style and stretching to meet where other people may be. Reading other’s styles and adapting accordingly to where you can understand them and they can understand you. It’s about being agile, emotionally intelligent and knowing yourself. […]

Keeping Training Alive

Training has always been the million-dollar question for HR folks, CEO’s and anyone else involved in training and development. We spend a lot of money on the training delivered and once participants leave the room, they retain very little. After one hour, people retain less than half of the information presented. After one day, people forget more than 70 percent of […]

Leading Self, Others and the Business

How can you lead yourself, others and the business in 2021? None of these aspects are easy but they are critical. See how Achievement in Motion is helping other clients to do this. Leading Yourself – Nope it is NOT easy. Whoever said that self-awareness and self-management is easy to tackle? But in today’s world, […]

It’s Time to Stop Confusing Perks for Culture

Career Development Consultants

Dog-friendly workspaces. Flexible PTO. Shoe-optional dress code. Free beer on Fridays. The idea of company culture has become almost synonymous with this idea of a very modern workplace—think less law firm, more Google. But culture isn’t about standing desks and catered lunches (although, free food is never a bad idea). According to Melissa Daimler, “there are three elements to […]

Is Zoom Really Terrible?

Career Development Consultants

I was surprised when I saw the headlines of the New York Times on April 29, 2020, it said, “Why is Zoom Terrible.” I have been using Zoom for our remote training for a number of years and when Covid hit, I thought, what a perfect way for clients to transition their in-person facilitation to remote learning and not […]

Build Your Brand with the Right People, Tools and Teams

Career Development Consultants

The Right Tools You are in this business to produce products and services and, ultimately, income and profits. But, the more you grow, the more interpersonal conflict and poor communication get in the way of you reaching your goals. It’s frustrating to watch trust break down between the people on your teams. The question is […]

Leading Virtually to Different Styles

Career Development Consultants

Working to understand the different DISC styles is the key all of your interpersonal communication. Hard to believe? Yes, it may be hard to believe, but it works. Eighteen years in this business, I can tell you, yes it works. Caution: DO NOT pigeonhole people into styles. It is just our preferences. Where we find […]

Inspire Ordinary People to Do Extraordinary Things

Career Development Consultants

How do you do this? One way is to encourage risk. Helping people to take risks is one of the hardest things to do. But it is completely do-able. I have experienced it first hand and many times. Even though I am a risk taker, it’s always scary for me. I have taken risks with […]

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