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Optimizing Employee’s Performance & Organizational Growth

As a leader in your organization, you’ve recognized the importance of hiring and retaining the best talent possible and instilling a culture of performance in your employees. But even top talent will languish if their skills and abilities aren’t developed and nurtured. In leveraging your most valuable resource – your people – it is imperative to implement solutions that help you optimize your employees’ strengths and value their contribution. The success of your employees and your organization is AIM’s top priority. Through customized integration of unique solutions to enhance high performing cultures, we help you build collaborative individuals and teams that perform better toward your organization’s goals.

Empower your Team

“The right fit contributes significantly to the culture.
Fully engaged employees recognize their unique role.”


Empower Your Recruiters
Only 60% of new hires make it past the first 6 months. Assess the true skills of candidates using quick, valid and reliable results and compare their performance to find the right match. Utilize real-time personality and value assessments to get accurate information about applicants.
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Empower Your Managers
Nearly 80% of employees don’t trust their managers. The right tools to motivate team members improves rapport, trust and business outcomes.
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Empower Your People
Approximately three-quarters of people in the work force are disengaged. Lack of employee engagement costs companies $350 Billion+ a year in productivity and profit. Engaged employees achieve their career goals and boost your bottom line profit.
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Measure Your Success
Placing the right people in optimum positions to perform the right tasks requires real-time metrics. Tracking turnover rates, engagement and current, and future hiring, will increase engagement, efficiency and profits
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Let’s Engage

Dr. Michelle Bisno’s insight and compassion, relevant business experience, and unique professional insights have earned her the respect of her clients in today’s rapidly changing business world.

  • Higher Employee Engagement
  • No Bad Hires
  • Higher Productivity
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Improved Company Culture & Environment
  • Increased Revenue

Achievement in Motion, LLC

is an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC®, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ and PXT Select™.   

AIM’s demonstrates a unique ability in providing companies with foundational tools that integrate with each other to provide businesses with tools that fuel innovation, collaboration and a strong foundation for improving productivity, greater efficiency, increased achievement and higher revenue. AIM understands the impact that individuals have in the workplace. We align our strategies to develop tomorrow’s leaders by focusing on three specific areas:  1) hiring now and for the future, 2) developing at all levels of the organization, and 3) providing a foundational language for everyone to speak and understand.

Our team of expert consultants have years of business and personal consulting experience that assists companies seeking to optimize their bottom line while actively engaging a multi-generational workforce. The success of your organization and employees is AIM’s top priority. We provide you with tools that ensure continuous innovation, collaboration and a strong foundation for better productivity, increased efficiency, higher growth and a stronger ROI.

We are readily available to take your inquiries and assist you! Partner with us to build collaborative individuals and teams that perform better towards your organization’s goal!