“The right fit contributes significantly to the culture.
Fully engaged employees recognize their unique role.”


One of the most difficult tasks when running a business is finding the right person for the job.  If it isn’t a skill issue, then maybe it’s a personality issue, maybe a combination of both.  No matter what the issue is, the bottom line is you don’t have time for it.

Common Mistakes

  • “Going with your gut” when hiring
  • Hiring people that are similar to the interviewer
  • Not having an interview plan

Consequences to Hiring Mistakes

  • Wasted time and money spent on training and now retraining
  • Wasted time and money spent on recruiting and interviewing
  • Taking you or others away from their daily responsibilities
  • Terminations within an organization hurt employee morale
  • Paying overtime to employees while trying to find new employees
  • Hiring just anyone to have a “warm” body


Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees. Employees who receive training are better able to perform his/her job and can even build the employee’s confidence. The investment in employee training creates a culture where employees feel they are important to the organization and this increased confidence helps push him/her to perform better.

Imagine what this means for your business. Confident employees understand their jobs better, meaning, the product or service they represent translates into greater customer confidence which increases sales, referrals and the bottom line. Continuous training allows for a supportive environment and for many to grow into leadership positions and feel valued thus decreasing turnover and increasing morale all while growing your company.

The Benefits of Training

  • Quicker completion time on projects
  • Increased efficiency overall
  • Less distraction of difficult employees
  • Optimization of existing staff
  • More responsiveness to customers, team members, clients, direct reports and changes within the industry
  • Increased revenue and employee engagement

Customized Solutions

We help figure out what your organization needs. Whether it is team training, individualized or group coaching, we work together to figure that out and help implement turn-key, easy to use solutions to make training and results a part of the organization’s culture.

We are an authorized partner and certified in using and training others in the following tools: Everything DISC, Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Advanced Innermetrix and MHS EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence.    


There are 73% of people in the work force who are either disengaged or actively disengaged. And  80% of employees don’t trust their manager. This lack of employee engagement costs companies over 350 Billion Dollars a year in lost productivity and profits.

How Do We Get Higher Employee Engagement in the Workforce?

  • Better hiring
  • Train and utilize  employees to know and use their strengths
  • Engage leaders

Customized Solutions

Achievement in Motion focuses on making your job easier by finding out the root of the problem with disengagement. We look past the symptoms and get to the root of the problem with our own personalized and customized employee engagement tool. We gather the results and work together in finding a solution for long lasting results.


Measuring anything that you do is imperative in order to make sure that your investment (time, money and efforts) is getting used in the workplace. If you don’t measure the behavioral changes which affect your profit, than you shouldn’t be doing anything at all.

Common Mistakes

  • Having one day trainings that don’t “stick”
  • Not measuring the behaviors that are to be implemented into everyday work

Consequences To The Mistakes

  • Without an investment into the training of your employees, disengagement and poor attitudes can fester
  • A waste of time and money
  • A wasted day of work where employees didn’t have to be out of the office

Customized Solutions

We measure any program, training or employee engagement quickly and easily. With the support from our talented research measurement professionals on staff, we develop surveys that not only help you measure what you are doing now but also help you to see what you may need for the future. By getting this information on a regular basis, not just through annual engagement surveys, you can quickly make the necessary changes without losing a lot of time.



AIM's unique integration of Training, Engagement, Assessment and Measurement provides businesses with tools that fuel innovation, collaboration and a strong foundation for improving productivity, greater efficiency, increased achievement and higher revenue.

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